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Event Planning Checklist
1.  Location, location, location. Please provide a booth diagram with your order so our technicians can install your Internet connection in the proper location in your booth.  A Booth Diagram Template is available for download here. Please reference adjacent booth numbers when submitting your diagram to ensure proper orientation.
There is a fee to relocate your Internet connection once installed, so please provide an accurate diagram prior to the move-in of your event.
2. Multiple Computers? CCLD Networks will pre-cable your booth prior to the installation of carpet.  If you are connecting multiple computers to our Internet connection, you will need a hub or router to share the primary Internet connection.  Unless you are ordering bundled service or dedicated bandwidth, you need to order an IP address for each computer connected to the network.  (The initial connection includes one IP address.)
16-Port Hubs are available to rent through CCLD Networks, and if you order the additional CAT-5 network cables through us, we will install them at no extra charge.  Not sure what to order?  Call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 404-222-5500 and we’ll assist you in preparing your order.
3. Security. Convention center networks are typically open networks, where many customers share the same public network with one another.  We highly recommend you take the following steps prior to arrival:
  • Apply all Windows Updates to your computer.
  • Update your antivirus definitions.
  • Verify your Windows Firewall is turned on or consider the use of a 3rd party firewall.
  • Consider taking advantage of the Private Networking Options provided by CCLD Networks.
  • CCLD Networks offers two options for secure browsing.
    • Option 1:  Private Internet VLAN Bundle (Medium Security Option): CCLD Networks will provide a private network, isolating your computers from all other computers on the convention center network.
    • Option 2:  Security Bundle (High Security Option): With your High Speed Internet connection, CCLD Networks will install a Cisco ASA (firewall) to protect your computers from other devices on the convention center network.  This option essentially “hides” your computers from any other devices on the network.  Note: private IP addresses will be assigned to your computers.
    Please contact one of our customer service representatives at 404-222-5500 to discuss which of the above security options is appropriate for your needs.
    4. Credit Card Machine? The “Standard Business Line” provided for telephone service requires you to dial 9 prior to placing a call.  Please program your credit card machine accordingly.  If you need a non-switched telephone line (non-dial 9) please order the “Dedicated Telephone Line” on the CCLD Networks’ Order Form.

    5.   Long Distance. There are three classes of service available when ordering a Standard Business Line:
    Class of






    Please select the appropriate Class of Service when placing your order.  Please note, any long distance or international charges will be billed to your credit card within one month of your event.